I like to make stuff.  

I like to make friends, make food, make music, make movies, make pretty pictures, make memories, make coffee and generally try to make things WORTH MAKING.

Hit me up and let's make something new.



Jinn // Feature Film - Colorist
Krista // Short Film - Colorist
Dirty Thirty // Short Film - Writer / Director
Blind Mice // Short Film - Colorist
Weekends // Short Film - Colorist
Agent 327 // Short Film - Colorist
Shortcircles - "On Hold" / Music Video - Director / Editor / Colorist
Frolic n' Mae // Short Film - Colorist
Star Wars: Rogue One // Teaser Trailer and Promo Materials - Colorist
Star Wars: The Force Awakens // Blu-Ray Documentaries and Promo Materials - Colorist
Bartlett // Web Series - Colorist
Star Wars: Rebels // Television Series - Colorist (4 seasons / 82 episodes)
MOTI // Crowdfunding Campaign - Director / Editor / Colorist
Kim Swims // Documentary Feature Film - Colorist
Lil' Dicky - "Save Dat Money" // Music Video - Colorist
Parentz - "Beach Body" // Music Video - Director / Editor / Colorist
All Your Favorite Shows // Short Film - Colorist
A Morning Light // Narrative Feature - Colorist
13 Cameras // Narrative Feature - Colorist
Lil' Dicky - "Classic Male Pre-game" // Music Video - Colorist
Cat Man Goes To Japan // Documentary Short Film - Director / Editor
Strange Magic // Animated Feature Film - Online Editor / Colorist
Follow The Camera // Short Film - Colorist
Lil' Dicky - "Lemme Freak" // Music Video - Colorist
Class Dismissed // Documentary Feature Film - Colorist
Scouts Honor // Documentary Feature Film - Colorist
SXSW Bumpers // Film Festival Idents - Colorist
Pale Blue Dot - "Voyage" // Music Video - Director / Editor / VFX Artist / Colorist
Star Wars: The Clone Wars // Television Series - Colorist (5 seasons / 82 episodes)
Star Wars: Detours // Television Series - Colorist (39 episodes)
Cat Town Cafe // Crowdfunding Campaign - Director / Editor / Videographer
Confusion Through Sand // Short Film - Colorist
San Fran Land // Web Series - Colorist
In The Spring // Short Film - Colorist
Timmy Muldoon & the Search for the Shadoweyes Bandit // Short Film - Colorist
James & Evander - Ambigamy // Music Video - Colorist
Euphonia // Short Film - Colorist
The Magic Murderer // Short Film - Editor & Colorist
Super Boat Warp - Neutron Bomb // Music Video - VFX Artist / Colorist
Summer Jamz // Promo - Writer / Director / Editor / Colorist
Fate Under Fire - On The Water // Music Video - Co-Director / Co-Editor / Colorist
The Spirit // Feature Film - Editorial Technical Assistant (VFX)



Trish Brunner
Producer / Post-Production Supervisor, Lucasfilm
Sean is a person I hope I am lucky enough to work with for the rest of my career. He’s multi-talented, always willing to lend a hand, and he’s got the technical and aesthetic skills to be helpful in so many situations. He’s also an incredibly positive, thoughtful, and calm person, making him just the person you want by your side when chaos strikes. He is capable of making both animated and live action footage look light-years better than the original. While color correction is currently his primary role here at Lucasfilm, he’s also a wiz at directing, editing, photographing, and creating VFX for numerous projects. Sean is a brilliant collaborator and an extraordinary teammate

Jordan Stephens
Writer / Director
If I had one word to sum up what Sean brings to a project, it'd be "magic." However, since I can use many words here, I will say that I whole-heartedly recommend Sean Wells as a technician, a collaborator, an artist and an all-around great person. Sean has an infectious enthusiasm when he works on a project, and his creative insight is informed and supported by his technical expertise. In my past work with Sean, I have always felt satisfied with the finished product and thankful for his contributions. Sean has color corrected two of my previous short films, and advised me on multiple other occasions when I simply needed some guidance through the murky landscape that can be a post-production pipeline. Sean remains at the top of my list for who I want to work with on all my future projects. 100%. A++. Will do business again.

Todd Grimes
Writer / Director
“Sean Saves the Day at the Last Minute!” is the title of the movie I would write about this man! Sean is extraordinarily talented at the art of color timing. Not only does he amaze you by taking something that is already beautiful and making it gorgeous, he will also (and perhaps more importantly) take something that looks terrible and STILL make it gorgeous! His technical knowledge and skillset allow him to produce great results quickly, which is essential in the confines of a production schedule. Moreover, Sean has a strong understanding of storytelling and the filmmaking process. He not only improves the aesthetic look of the imagery, but he also looks for ways to focus the viewer’s attention toward elements of the frame (or distract focus) that enhance the storytelling clarity. As a director working with Sean, I was always comforted in knowing that if something didn’t look quite the way I wanted it to that he would be able to fix it in the end. He also happens to be a great guy with the best beard in show biz!

Justin Millar
Production Engineer, Lucasfilm
Sean is one of the most talented people I've had the pleasure of working with. He has an outstanding knowledge of film production and all the intricacies of making a project look and sound great. He has a keen eye for artistry and the the technical chops to get it done. I'd jump at the chance to work with him again!

Gabrielle Levenson
Production Manager, Lucasfilm
In the 4+ years I've worked with Sean, he has continuously proven his technical and aesthetic skills. He is pro-active about making deadlines and always makes an effort to understand the full process and the bigger picture behind what he does. I have seen him learn very complex technical processes with ease, and always approach it with a positive mindset. His overall excitement for filmmaking is an inspiration to those around him, and he is seen as a role model among his peers