Loved working with Director Trevor Jimenez, Production Designer Chris Sasaki & Producer Jeremy Slome to put the finishing color touches on this immensely beautiful film. Being in a packed house for the premiere at Pixar was incredible and hopefully the first of many times an audience will get to share the experience. Look for it at a film festival near you this fall!



It's Saturday and all Matt wants to do is play ball with his buddies... but a certain internet/cable company has other plans.

Music by Shortcircles
Starring Matt Tammariello & Glenn Jackson
Directed by Charles Choo & Sean Wells
Shot & Edited by Sean Wells
Production Design by Crystal Villamayor & Diana Nguyen
Sound Design by Matt Tammariello

And here's how much fun we had making this one:

Star Wars Celebration 2017

Got to work with Lucasfilm's video production team and cover the biggest Star Wars convention to date.  It was the most exhuasting yet refreshing work experience in a long time.  25,000 steps a day carrying an FS7 is tiring, but interviewing the best fans in the universe about what Star Wars means to them made it more than worthwhile.  A few highlights include following Mark, Harrison and George on stage and hanging backstage, 10 feet from the John Williams led orchestra provided permanent goosebumps.  Director Ian Bucknole, Producer Trish Brunner & the rest of the crew were a blast to work with.