Krista @ SXSW

Director Danny Madden's live action short won the SXSW + Vimeo staff pick award landing it on the front page of Vimeo. Krista, actress Shirley Chen, won the jury award for best acting in a narrative short. Danny always finds ways to get every last ounce out story from his filmmaking process.  In the color grade that turned out to craft the "faded memory" look Krista draws on through the film as well as a few extra touches like tracking in bruising around her neck for a few shots. Next up for team Krista is expanding and widening the scope of the short into a feature film which you can help kickstart right here! Very excited for things to come.



Proud to be a part of Team Jinn. Nija Mu'min's first feature film had a warm welcome with multiple sold out showings at SXSW where Nijla was awarded the special jury prize for writing. The Hollywood Reporter and LAtimes had some good things to say as well. As colorist for the film, I worked closely with DP Bruce Francis Cole to craft a rich, vibrant film with two narrative looks reflecting the two worlds the characters navigate. Editor Collin Kriner did some exceptional work on the film and is always an exceptional collaborator. Avril Speaks produced and Paul Zahnley + Disher Sound handled sound design and rerecording.


I worked with Director Nick D'Agostino & Producer Courtney Azzara to put the finishing color touches on their dark, dense and poetic stop motion animated short, Blind Mice. The film will have it's world premiere at GLAS animation festival in March. They gifted me a prop from the film, the opium pipe used by the lead character.


Director Trevor Jimenez, Production Designer Chris Sasaki & Producer Jeremy Slome brought their film over to put the finishing color touches on this immensely beautiful film. Being in a packed house for the premiere at Pixar was incredible and hopefully the first of many times an audience will get to share the experience. Look for it at a film festival near you this fall!



It's Saturday and all Matt wants to do is play ball with his buddies... but a certain internet/cable company has other plans.

Music by Shortcircles
Starring Matt Tammariello & Glenn Jackson
Directed by Charles Choo & Sean Wells
Shot & Edited by Sean Wells
Production Design by Crystal Villamayor & Diana Nguyen
Sound Design by Matt Tammariello

And here's how much fun we had making this one: