Frolic N Mae

Back in collaboration with Danny Madden and the Ornana gang.  We provided the color grade and a couple dozen vfx cleanup and composite shots for this incredible short film which received a nice write-up via Short of the Week. We premiered the film up at Skywalker Ranch with Pete Horner, the film's talented sound designer.

The color suite and I also made it into the behind the scenes video:

Interview with American Cinematographer

 Sean, Joel, Chris & Dave

Sean, Joel, Chris & Dave

Honored to have been part of American Cinematographer's "Star Wars" special edition.  Our team was interviewed on the image-making process for Star Wars Rebels.  I got to nerd out a bit more than my usual bit "it's basically photoshop for moving images" when talking about about the color grading process on the show.  I touched on our use of lighting references, the advantages of being a 3D animated show, and various ways we gnar up the CG image through adding sobel edges, halation, grain and more.